V I E T  N A M   D I S C O V E R Y   T R A V E L

Vietnam discovery travel is  a local Vietnam tours company specialise in providing a ’tailor-made’ travel service to customers who are looking for that ‘perfect’ holiday. This is achieved by collaborating closely with our customers in order to clearly identify their needs. This guarantees that every service we deliver aligns specifically with the travel desires of those we are here to serve. We focus only on individual tours and private group tours of a variety of different facets, such as:

+ Classic tours  + Cycling tours + Motorbike tours + Trekking and Hiking tours + Kayaking tours + Incentives trips + Adventure tours + Beach holidays +Bird Watching tours …

The travel philosophy Vietnam Discovery Travel is based on years of experience in the travel industry in Vietnam and also a firm commitment to offering responsible travelers a safe and genuinely caring approach together with responsible and sustainable ecologically tourism.

Our tourism business background gives us the insight to understand what a visitor to Vietnam would like to see and would find of interest.

Our tour service philosophy is not commission-based or designed to allow you to spend your money. We take you to places because we think people should know about them .

Our tour service philosophy – Vietnam discovery travel.

We take tourists to places of interest because they are valid and worthy, not just to commercial outlets because we want them to spend their money and take a commission. Our role is not necessarily to be your entire holiday, but to be part of your holiday and to show you the unusual and uplifting projects and developments designed to promote educational and worthy   causes, places which not even residents of the city are aware exist, places which otherwise you would certainly never see.

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